Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Linux distros

Let's say you want to replace your windows OS... or maybe you
simply want to try this "Linux", but you're not sure about
what you should do... First of all, you should know that there is
not "a" Linux operating system: there is a kernel, but there are
many different user interfaces (the "windows", just to be clear).
While MS Windows has relatively few flavours (Home, Pro, Media
Center, for instance), there are heaps of so-called Linux "Distros".
Which one should you pick? Depends. You want a permanent MS
Windows replacement? What are your common tasks? You just
want to try Linux, but without installing anything onto your hard
disk? The answer to this and many more questions can be found
on Distrowatch, the most complete website about currently
available Linuxes. Have a look at it, it's definitely worth.

Ciao Ciao

Monday, January 29, 2007

Basic Compilers for Windows & Linux

Did it ever happen to you? You would like to build a small program,
you already know Basic, you don't want to learn another language,
you want your program to be small, portable, no need for a
"formal" installation.... what do you do? Find an alternative...
Check THE BASICs PAGE, chances are you'll find something
useful (and possibly free). It's not updated very often, but it
has the great plus of presenting accurate comparison tables,
and in general whatever you may need to choose wisely. I used
RapidQ in the past, now it's not freeware anymore, but there
are many other good projects listed that you may find helpful.
Give it a look, and let me know what you think!!

Free Software

Hi everybody!!

Just added the "giveawayoftheday" link to the blog...
Spread the word, it is a nice website.


Sunday, January 28, 2007

Let's get started

Hi everyone, this is my first post ever... No, actually it's not...
the first one has been lost because I had the bad idea of pressing 
the wrong button at the wrong time...
Never mind, the next one will be better (hopefully). 
I just wanted to say hi everybody, I would like to use this space 
for talking about some of my favourites..
So, if you never had the chance to do that, check out 
the NASA Human Spaceflight website
It is a really cool site, apart from being packed with 
dozens of amazing pictures... 
In the end, everybody would like to be an 
astronaut, right? Talk to you soon...