Monday, February 19, 2007

Asteroid Earthbound

There is a nice asteroid named "Apophis", which has non
negligible chances to smash into the Earth approximately
around April 2036. Apart from the fact that giving to an
earthbound object the name of an ancient God of evil and
destruction is probably not the happiest possible choice, the
news here is that this potential threat is getting a lot of
attention from the United Nations. There are probably the
bases for the development of a mission intended to deflect
the asteroid from its current route (the earlier the better,
since it would require less effort). Such mission must be
multinational, which is a good thing (a great opportunity
arises from a big issue). Let's see how things develop, in my
opinion (provided that this Apophis fellow does not decide
to look at our planet too closely) this is a great chance to see
nations working together, which is in itself a very positive

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