Friday, February 16, 2007

Open Office / Star Office will support VBA

This is one of those news that are (or may be) truly important
for the future of a software application. Up to now, one of the
biggest reasons for sticking to MS Office (and this was most true
for me) were the wonderful automation possibilities given by
programming in VBA. Open Office, while brilliant in itself, did
not provide an alternative that flexible and easy for the end user.
Guess what? Things may change.... according to this post, Novell
and Sun (two tiny companies, as you may know... ;-)) are joining
their expertise to include in the next Open Office / Star Office
releases a full support to VBA.. This is nothing but a giant leap
towards true office automation interoperability, allowing users
to keep their existing code and distribute applications (excel
spreadsheets, for instance) that work also under other office

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